Lis Lyon

Communication Assistant


I am currently finishing my bilingual bachelor’s degree at Copenhagen Business School in ‘Business, Language and Culture’ where I get an understanding of business practices, politics, economics and cultural differences related to the other topics. In my gap year, I worked several internships (IT & marketing) in very different companies, which gave me a good understanding of the working every day and a broad variety of tasks. Through my experience from my education and work in different countries, I have developed a broad and international perspective on things.


Miild is my first relevant job which I do along with my bachelor’s degree.

My internships during my gap year have shown me the advantages of working in a small company which I enjoy being able to work in now.

History Miild:

I started in Miild in February 2019. Miild was looking for someone who speaks English, Danish and German, to facilitate communication in new markets and implement English into the everyday at Miild.

Motivation Miild:

I’ve always been super interested in anything organic and natural. Everything from food and materials for your home to makeup and skincare. I knew about the organic and natural part but not about the lack of allergy-friendly products, until I learned about Miild. I love the clean concept, based on transparency and communication, and knowing that I use the purest products that are available. Now, I don’t feel bad about putting on makeup anymore. How amazing is that?

The corporate culture is amazing, and people are extremely lovely. Every day I get to work with and talk to my colleagues is a great day. I love getting to know the Danish work culture in such a great setting.


I’m German/Danish and grew up in Germany. I came to Denmark in 2017, to start my bachelor’s degree. I enjoy it so much and plan to stay.

Right now, I’m about to finish my bachelor’s degree at CBS and plan to start my master’s right away, also at CBS. I’d love to work more hours at Miild, but I want to finish my education first.

As it’s often the case for students (in Copenhagen) I’ve been moving around in the city quite a bit and I hope that I will soon find a nice apartment to live in with my boyfriend. In my free time I do yoga, run and bike. I love cooking vegan and trying new recipes. I have a passion for design and architecture and my dream is to refurbish houses.