Summer Facial Kit - For oily and combination skin

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Dette Hudplejekit indeholder Cleansing Gel, Facial Serum, Facial Oil No. 2 & én økologisk bomuldspose.

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    Skin Care Kit - For oily and combination skin contains:

    • Cleansing Gel - 100ml
    • Facial Serum - 30ml
    • Facial Oil No. 2 - 30 ml

    This skincare kit contains three products for those who suffer from oily and/or combination skin. It gives you everything you need for a simple skincare routine that leaves your skin well cared for and balanced. The whole set comes together in a nice organic cotton bag, so you can easily carry your new favourite products with you on the go.

    Cleansing Gel - 100ml

    With Cleansing Gel, you can easily and gently remove makeup from your face and deep cleanse your skin. Cleansing Gel leaves skin clean and supple and soothes with ingredients like aloe vera extract, glycerin and beatin.

    Facial Serum - 30ml

    Our Facial Serum is the product that penetrates the skin's deepest layer, where it works and repairs. It prepares the skin and creates the perfect base for applying creams and oils. This Facial Serum smoothes the skin's texture.

    Facial Oil No. 2 - 30 ml

    Facial Oil No. 2 is made especially for oily and combination skin. The combination of oils, such as rosehip seeds, grape seeds and jojoba, makes it light and balancing, which is why it is perfect for the combined skin with a tendency towards impurities.



    We recommend you to use the kit both morning and evening.

    Step 1.

    It's always a good idea to cleanse your skin twice - first to remove makeup residue, dirt and grime from the day and second to deep cleanse.

    Step 2.

    Once the face is clean, apply the serum, which penetrates the deeper layers of the skin and prepares it for the rest of the routine. The serum should penetrate the skin for a few minutes before applying the oil.

    Step 3.

    Use the oil as a final step to hydrate and coat the skin against external factors. Read more about our skin care ingredients here

    Not sure about your skin type?

    When choosing from our Skinlove products, you need to know your skin type. If you are unsure, we'll help you here.
    Your skin type is assessed based on the natural characteristics of your skin. Therefore, you must have a clean face without any products on when assessing your skin type. For example, leave your skin without creams and oils for 20-30 minutes after a bath. Based on how your skin feels here, the skin type can be determined.

    Dry and delicate skin
    If your skin tightens, feels dehydrated and possibly shells or itches, then you have dry and delicate skin and should go for our Cleansing Cream, Facial Serum, Facial Cream, Facial Oil No. 1 and Skin & Lip Care.

    Oily and combination skin
    If your skin is oily and your face shines, or if your T-zone shines and the rest is dry, then you have oily or combination skin. Then you should go for our Cleansing Gel, Facial Serum, Facial Cream, Facial Oil No. 2, and Skin & Lip Care.

    Do you have dry and delicate skin?

    Then we've also put together a kit to suit your skin type. See it here.

    In Denmark: 1-2 business days

    Within EU: 4-6 working days


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     162,00  113,00

    Dette Hudplejekit indeholder Cleansing Cream, Facial Serum, Facial Oil No. 1 & én økologisk bomuldspose.

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