07 Skin Blender Brush


This brush leaves skin with a beautiful, natural finish.

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    07 Skin Blender Brush

    With the Skin Blender Brush you get a beautiful, natural finish. It's designed primarily to apply foundation and concealer in a light, thin layer for a natural-looking finish. It can also be used to apply mineral powder if you want a very light layer that gives a matte finish without necessarily adding extra coverage.

    You can also use it to apply blush, highlighter and bronzer. It's designed to blend the products you want into your skin, so there are no sharp edges. We love that this brush can be used to apply so many of our makeup products. Remember, using brushes should be fun and creative.

    Our brushes are handmade from the finest synthetic hair. They are soft and good at gripping the product. We have chosen to make all our brushes from synthetic hair as this is the most hygienic and hypoallergenic choice.

    We recommend that you wash this brush once a week.

    Washing guide

    Wet the brush, apply a dime-sized amount of fragrance-free shampoo to the palm of your hand. Gently run the brush in circular motions around your palm until you can see the color from the makeup residue coming out in the shampoo lather. Then rinse with water. Repeat until the brush is completely clean.

    Dry it overnight by laying it over an edge so that it gets air from both sides.

    Avoid standing it up as the water may run down and loosen the brush hairs from the handle itself.

    In Denmark: 1-2 business days

    Within EU: 4-6 days


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