Natural Mineral Powder


Our mineral powder is for those who want a semi-matte look, where the skin looks nice healthy and fresh. It feels natural and light on the skin.

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    Natural Mineral Powder

    Our oven-baked mineral powders are made from pure and natural ingredients. It is baked on low heat for 24 hours, leaving it with a silky smooth texture. Natural Mineral Powder is for those who want a semi-matte look where the skin looks healthy and fresh. It feels natural and light on the skin and provides varying coverage depending on which brush you use

    A good trick for applying mineral powder is to put the Kabuki Brush down on the powder, move it calmly back and forth so you reduce powder dust and get more out of your product. See more here: Kabuki Brush for Mineral Powder.

    You can also use our mineral powder for fixing your foundation with both our Multi Cheek Brush and Kabuki Brush.

    This oven-baked mineral powder is certified by AllergyCertified, The Nordic Swan Ecolabel and ECOCERT.

    Remember to keep your brushes clean by washing them once a week. This ensures you the best result as well as the hygiene of your skin.

    If you need help with colour selection, send a picture of your face, neck and decolté to and we are ready to help and guide you. (We will try to respond within 48 hours)


    To avoid your products stones, i.e. they make a hard surface that makes you can't get the product up on the brush, we've created a guide for you here:
    - Do not use a wet/damp brush
    - Make sure your makeup is in a dry environment
    – Do not use your fingers as the oil and/or fat from your fingers settles into the product
    – Do not use make-up sponge in the products as it is often moisturised by the skin

    Tines makeup tips

    "When I want a higher cover, I take my Kabuki Brush and squeeze it together a little, put my brush on the mineral pad and drive back and forth, so I get a lot of product on the brush. Then I'm going to do the product on my skin. This technique gives a nice finish and is also really good for dry skin"

    The beautiful music in our tutorials is composed by Hannah Schneider and Nicolai Kornerup, who together form the group AyOwA

    The videos are made by Nicolas Tobias Følsgaard and Jonas Lodahl.

    Our models are: Thea, Tanja, Pernille (Pearl), Fransisca, Faith and Camilla respectively.

    There may be previous versions on the market, so look at the back of the product to see the current information about the product you are buying.




    *Ingredients that are organically grown.
    100% of the total product is of natural origin.
    4.5% of the total ingredients are organically grown.

    100% vegan.

    COSMOS NATURAL certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to cosmos standard, as shown in

    Our explanation of the list of ingredients

    Mica: Is a mineral, provides softness and durability.

    Zea Mays Starch: Corn starch. Skin care, absorbent.

    Limnanthes Alba Seed Oil: Oil from meadowfoam, softening.

    Magnesium Aluminum Silicate: Absorbent.

    Butyrospermum Parkii Butter: Shea butter, collects the product and softens.

    Caprylic/Capric Triglyeride: Skin care.

    Glyceryl Caprylate: Softening, emulsifier.

    P-anisic acid: Antimicrobial effect, reducing inappropriate scent.

    Tocopherol: Antioxide vitamin E.

    Glycine Soy Oil: Oil from soy. Skin care and softening.

    Color pigments:
    01 Light Sandy: CI 77492.
    02 LIGHT PLUS WINDY: CI 77492.
    03 Medium Breezy: CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499.
    04 Medium Plus Wavy: CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499
    05 Medium Dark Cloudy: . CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499.
    06 Dark Stormy: CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499.

    We have chosen to get three certifications so that you can feel safe when using Miild. With these certifications, you are guaranteed a thorough preparation for your benefit, nature and future generations.


    This certification tells you that this product is allergy-friendly. It should provide reassurance and give you a guarantee that our Natural Mineral Powder is the cleanest choice available. It is important to point out that it is not allergy-free, because nothing is.

    The Nordic Swan Ecolabel

    Our Natural Mineral Powder is placed in a box of recycled bins. This is important for The Nordic Swan Ecolabel that our products put as little impact on the environment as possible. This applies from the time the production of the product starts until it ends up in the trash.


    Ecology is important to us in many ways, as what you use on your skin is absorbed into your body. ECOCERT COSMOS NATURAL cares about traceability and ecology. Where do the ingredients come from and how much is organic. Our Natural Mineral Powder consists of 4.5% organic ingredients.

    In Denmark: 1-2 business days

    Within the EU: 4-6 days

    Our cardboard boxes are handmade from 70% recycled cardboard. It is neither bleached with chlorine nor other harmful substances.

    The coating itself outside the cardboard makes it able to withstand water and to be wiped off. The coating is made of polyethylene plastic; a type of plastic that is all around us in everyday life. E.g. in drink bottles, toys, books, etc. It's the most used type of plastic in the world.

    Our cardboard packaging is kept closed with two small magnets that sit under the coating and provide a delicious soft-close effect.


Color selection guide
Need help finding just the right color for you?
Follow Line's video guide and email

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01 Light Sandy - Neutral
02 Light Plus Windy - Golden
03 Medium Breezy - Neutral
04 Medium Plus Wavy - Golden
05 Medium Dark Cloudy - Neutral
06 Dark Stormy - Golden

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