03 Multi Cheek Brush


This brush is an extra soft and round slant brush. It's perfect for several things; blush, highlighter, bronzer and contour.

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    03 Multi Cheek Brush

    Multi Cheek brush is an extra soft and round slop. It is perfect for several things; blush, highlighter, bronzer and contour. That's why we call it a multi-brush. With this brush, only the imagination sets limits. In fact, you can also use it to apply your foundation, here you will achieve a very easy-to-cover look. Try your hand at how far out you hold the shaft and which part of the brush you put the product on. You will find that it gives completely different effect. Here's how you can apply blush with Multi Cheek Brush.

    Our brushes are handmade from the finest, synthetic hair. They are soft and good at grabbing the product. We have chosen to make all our brushes of synthetic hair as this is the most hygienic and hypoallergenic choice.

    We recommend that you wash once a week.


    Wet the brush, apply a dollop of shampoo without perfume the size of a 1 crown in your palm. Drive in gentle circular movements brushing around the palm until you can see the color from the makeup residue coming out in the foam from the shampoo. Then rinse with water. Repeat the process until the brush is completely clean.

    Lay it to dry overnight by putting it down over an edge so that it gets air from both sides.

    Do not set it up as the water may run down and loosen the brush hairs from the shaft itself.

    In Denmark: 1-2 business days

    Within the EU: 4-6 days

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