Flawless Skin To Go Kit

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This kit includes Concealer Duo, Facial Mist and 06 Blender brush.

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    NOTE: Remember to choose the color you want to receive in your Flawless Skin To Go Kit. Concealer duo come in three variants; Light Ample for the light skin, Medium Boon for a more glowing skin and Dark Repose for a skin with lots of glow.

    Description Flawless Skin To Go Kit

    Our miniconceals in the cute to-go size are perfect to carry on the go. We have assembled this Flawless Skin To Go Kit for those who want to be able to continuously freshen up a flawless base all day long.
    Blender Brush easily gets you covered, the small areas that need a touch-up during the day. With Facial Mist as a moisturizing organism, concealer duo melts even more beautifully into the skin.

    Lose your face before applying the concealer. For a lighter expression, you can also lose the brush before dipping it into the concealer. Mix the two shades to your desired color and apply in dab movements the places you want to conceal.
    This technique singles out the color corrections, without necessarily covering all the skin's natural beauties such as texture and freckles.

    Concealer Duo

    Miilds Natural Mineral Concealer Duo is made from the purest minerals and shea butter that moisturize and work with your skin. We have tailored it to give you the perfect cover.

    Read more about it here

    Facial Mist

    This Facial Mist contains moisturizing hyaluronic acid and helps maintain your skin's natural moisture balance. It fits all skin types and ages.

    Blender Brush

    Blender Brush gives you a beautiful, natural finish. It is perfect for buffing product into the skin and catching the smaller areas of the face as around the nose and eye environment.


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