Miild is a Danish beauty brand that develops beauty products certified by AllergyCertified, Nordic Ecolabel and ECOCERT. Miild is developed, founded and run by two enthusiasts with the common goal of revolutionizing the beauty universe in a fusion of creativity and user safety with a focus on the environment, people and nature. But we are much more than just a company. We are a community that every day fights together to push the boundaries of hypoallergenicity, environment and ecology in the beauty industry.

Tine and Tanja's personal experiences as allergy sufferers and makeup artists form the basis for an uncompromising approach to allergy friendliness and product quality.
With Miild, we make it possible to be gentle with ourselves, each other and our shared planet without compromising on quality.

Trust, responsibility and transparency are the values of Miild and we have made it our common mission to insist on transparency in the cosmetic world; a market with great potential for greater awareness of hypoallergenicity, sustainability and love and responsibility for nature. We are not satisfied with the scrambled ingredient lists and impenetrable product descriptions. Everyone has the right to know what they are putting on their skin, and feeling confident in choosing beauty products should be a matter of course rather than a challenge.