About us


Allergies have always been a part of my life. I've had lots of irritations, like itching eyes, nettle rash and extensive sneezing attacks for as long as I remember. When I started to become interested in makeup, I was aware that I had to get guidance on how to look after my body, and how to take my allergies into account.

Unfortunately, my allergies only increasing with age, and my frustration about it grew. Because of my interest for beauty, I decided to become a makeup artist. My family, friends and my doctor were skeptical; "Is that a good idea with your allergies"? Everyone worried because the beauty industry is certainly not the most considerate industry to work in, with an everyday life filled with many products that contain harmful chemistry. But I didn't care, I wanted to pursue my dream.

I began my training as a makeup artist and I was quickly affected by severe eczema on my hands. It was especially bad on the back of the hand, where I often put the foundation that I used on the models. But I chose to live with these disadvantages because I was happy with my profession.

During my makeup artist training, my allergic reactions became so bad that I had to take allergy pills every day. I was exhausted in the evening, and my eyes often itched so much that I had to cancel appointments with my friends in the evenings. I couldn't continue like this, I felt that the allergy was controlling my life too much. I was looking for alternative treatment and which turned out to have a positive effect on my symptoms.

Since the day I tried makeup the first time, I've missed a product like Miild. And as a makeup artist, I've seen many others suffer from unpleasant allergic reactions, just like me. Therefore, I, and Tine, saw a great need for pure makeup products that you can safely use – without discomfort. It was clear that it was not just us who would like to wear makeup without being nervous about both the short-term and long-term consequences for health.

Miild is created for anyone who wants a clean and natural alternative when choosing makeup. Miild is both for those who have allergies and for those who want to reduce the risk of developing them.

Miild is developed by Tine and I who are both makeup artists, and therefore have high demands in regard to quality. We put our hearts and souls into the work of creating Miild's collection. We thought through all products and we tested them over and over and changed the products until we were happy. With our background, we are our own harshest critics, and the result is a makeup brand with clear values, pure ingredients with super durability.

We chose to have Miild makeup certified to create unconditional reassurance about the products. We would like to take responsibility for both the users of our makeup, and for the environment.


A few years ago I suddenly experienced daily, unpleasant discomfort; my eyes ran, my throat swelled and I sneezed all the time. Besides that, I got bumps all over my face and hives. The doctor had no doubt - I had developed allergies.

Allergies had never been a part of my life before, so I had no idea what it would mean for my well-being. Today, because of my allergies, I am very aware of what I put onto my skin. If I can't tolerate a product, I can feel it right away; I get rashes, nausea and headaches.

I love working as a makeup artist. But it is also important to me that the dream of beauty does not mean doing damage to my body. For example, I never understood why makeup should have fragrance. Understandably, some prefer fragrant deodorant, shower gel and various other beauty products, but fragrant makeup makes no sense to me.

After many visits to a highly skilled doctor, I was advised to use organic mineral makeup only. But this would prove to be virtually impossible to find. I turned every new product I got my hands on, but it was impossible to know how clean they really were.

Through my experience, both personally and as a makeup artist, I have become aware of how many women react, with unpleasant consequences, to makeup. But also which ingredients are used, in the products we all use daily.

With Miild, my dream is to help take care of the environment and people. Together with Tanja, I am passionate about helping to raise awareness of the consequences of the use of makeup. At the same time, I want to provide security for our consumers, who with Miild's products in their hands and on the skin, can feel that they take care of themselves and our nature that we live in and out of.