FSC certification

What does the FSC certification mean?

Over the last few decades, there has been a lot of talk about deforestation, as it is not good for the climate. In order to slow down the unfortunate development, legislation has been established in the Eu ropean Union to ensure more sustainable logging. This legislation is called timber legislation.
Timber legislation solves only part of the problem, and in order for us to really reach the finish line, we need to find sustainable solutions for the production of wood. We want to continue to use the wood from the forests, but of course in a way where nature is protected and production is made sustainable. This is where FSC comes in.

FSC is in charge of Forest Stewardshio Council. The FSC certification is a non-profit labelling scheme for wood and paper and thus deals with responsible and sustainable forestry. We use wood for all kinds of things – also in the cosmetics industry, where we create brush shafts and packaging, for example. The forest is home to the majority of terrestrial organisms and also helps mitigate climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide. That's why it's important that we use the forest responsibly.

In an FSC forest, no more wood is ever felled than the forest can produce. At the same time, the FSC ensures that animal and plant life in the forest is protected. Last but not least, the FSC certification guarantees that the people who work in and with the forest have decent working conditions and wages.

FSC forests are available all over the world.