Tanja’s story

Allergy has always been a part of my life. As long as I can remember, I have tackled makeup induced irritations such as itchy eyes, hives and sneezing. When I first became interested in makeup, I knew that I needed guidance in order to take care of my body and my allergies. Unfortunately, my allergic reactions got worse as I got older. At the same time, my interest for style and beauty grew and this inspired me to become a makeup artist. My family, friends and doctor were sceptical: “Are you sure this is a good idea with your allergy?” Everyone worried that having daily contact with different products consisting of harmful chemicals was not suitable for a person with allergies. Despite the warnings, I chose to follow my dream.

I began my training as a makeup artist and soon after, I suffered from severe eczema on my hands. The allergic reactions were especially severe on the back of my hands because I would often dab foundation on the here before applying the foundation on the models. However, I chose to deal with the irritations because I enjoyed my profession.

During my training, my allergic reactions became so severe that I had to take daily allergy medicine in order to work. I was so exhausted in the evenings and my eyes were often so irritated that I had to cancel my evening plans with friends. By that time, I could no longer ignore the issue because my allergy started to take a toll on my life. I sought alternative treatments and luckily one treatment had a positive effect on my symptoms.

Since the day I started using makeup, I have missed a makeup brand like Miild. As a makeup artist I have seen many others suffer from allergic reactions, just like me. It was obvious that it was not only Tine and I who would like to use makeup without having to worry about short-term and long-term health consequences, and we realised that there is a need for pure and safe makeup products– without the risk of irritations.

Miild is created for everyone who wants a pure and natural alternative when choosing makeup. Miild is both for those who have allergies and for those who want to lower the risk of developing one. Tine and I have created Miild. We are both makeup artists and have high demands for quality.  Furthermore, we have put our heart and soul into the work of designing and creating Miild’s collection. We have carefully developed our products with thought, we have tested – and tested again, and changed the products until we were satisfied. We are our own worst critics because of our professional background, and the result is a long-lasting makeup with pure ingredients.

We have chosen to have Miild makeup certificated in order to ensure unconditional safety for our products and customers. We want to take responsibility for both the users of our makeup and for a sustainable environment.

Tine’s Story

A couple of years ago, I suddenly began to experience makeup induced irritations on a daily basis. I started experiencing watery eyes, a blocked throat, and constant sneezing. On top of that, I started encountering constant hives and rashes on my face. I visited a doctor who told me that I had developed an allergy. Before this, allergy was not a part of my life and I was therefore unaware of how different products would affect my personal wellbeing. I am now, because of my allergy, forced to be very aware of the products I use. If my skin cannot tolerate a product, I develop rashes, headaches or even nausea.

I love to work as a makeup artist. Besides having the ability to create a beautiful result, it means a lot to me to use makeup that does not harm the body. Makeup with fragrance can provoke an allergic reaction, and I have therefore never understood why makeup often has fragrance. I know that some prefer fragrance deodorants, showergels and similar products, but it is hard for me to understand why makeup should contain fragrance.

After my allergy doctor took multiple tests, I was advised to exclusively use organic mineral makeup. Unfortunately, this turned out to be almost impossible, as I simply could not find the right products. I carefully studied all of the products I got around to but it was impossible to figure out how pure the products were. I realised that the market was missing a makeup brand, that is pure and natural, and has a sense of transparency regarding the product ingredients.

Through my work as a makeup artist, I know that I am far from being the only one who has experienced an allergic reaction as a consequence of using makeup. Nor am I the only one who has looked in vain for pure makeup products.

Tanja and I wish with Miild to give consumers a pure and natural makeup brand. We are passionate about raising awareness about the consequences of using makeup that is not right for you. We never compromise with quality and sustainability. We want consumers to know that they can use our products safely and know that our products are made from pure ingredients safe for both you and the environment. Our keywords are sustainability, purity and beauty.

About Miild

Miild is a makeup line that expresses pioneering innovation. Miild is founded, created and managed by two enthusiastic women out of the desire to unite creativity, sustainability and consumer confidence within the universe of beauty.

We are proud to be the first brand in the world to acquire the three certificates of approval on all of our products from; ECOCERT, Ecolabel and AllergyCertified. Miild is a Danish business and our inspiration stems from pure, Nordic nature.

Miild’s product line consists of basic makeup products, which can be used on a daily basis without the risk of allergic reactions. Miild strives to enhance the level of comfort and luxury in your daily life through its lightweight wear and pure ingredients. The product line is carefully designed and developed with the aim of achieving optimal quality, long lasting effects and a natural finish. We are professional makeup artists who have personal experiences with allergy and share a strong passion for the possibilities of makeup.

Miild’s makeup products are formulated with organic ingredients which help enhance your natural beauty, and leave your skin with a light natural glow without irritating your skin. Safety and beauty go hand in hand in Miild’s universe. Our aim is simple:

We want to revolutionize the makeup market with a principle of sustainability, allergy friendly, ecology – and beauty.

The certifications


AllergyCertified is an international certification organization founded in Denmark in 2015. When you choose products carrying the AllergyCertified label you can rest assured that our toxicologists have gone through every single ingredient and made a risk assessment. When you see the AllergyCertified label on a product you can be sure this is a product where there is minimal risk of developing allergy due to usage.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the official environment label of Ecolabelling Denmark. The ecolabel is valid throughout the Nordic countries and is as of now applied to more than 12.000 products. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel assesses how various products affects the environment in all relevant phases of its life cycle and monitor the full impacts of the product’s total environmental strain. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel creates a safety for the consumer in her choice of everyday products and it is a guarantee that the chosen product is among the environmentally best in their category.


ECOCERT is the official French certification of organic cosmetics and is now a part of the COSMOS organization having high standards regarding organic production. The certification is in addition to this used in more than 80 countries and therefore represents a wide international profile. Products with the ECOCERT label informs how big a percentage of the ingredients are ecological and how big a part are of organic origin. ECOCERT focuses on organic, naturalness, fair trade and sustainability in their assessments of products within the field of cosmetics, food and clothing. The label is a symbol of a quality controlled guarantee.

To apply for AllergyCertified we have given all information about every single ingredient, the concentration of the ingredients and the name of the ingredients written in the international chemists language INCI.


To us the ingredients in our products are essential. The long list of contents and the difficult words on the back of care products have always astounded us. We have often wondered what they meant and why there should be so much in these products.
Over the last two years we have learned a lot about ingredients, their effect and function. Alongside this, it is important to know that 60% of what you put on your skin, is absorbed by the body. This is why we only recommend that you buy good products, since we are wearing them on own body for so many hours every day.

From the very start it was our clear goal to achieve three certifications on our makeup. This also meant that as the first in the beauty sector we our demands to the ingredients used in our products, were so high that we were capable of achieving these certifications.


We have turned everything upside-down and put chemical engineers around Europe to the test. We would not vouch for products containing any form of endocrine-disrupting substances. We will always choose the pure alternative or rather not do it at all. In this section we have listed some of the points where we are different.
Were we stand out is in the fact that our products do not contain perfume. We have never understood why a mascara should be scented. It does not have any effect for the use of the product other than remove bad odour. Whether it is synthetic or natural perfume, it is equally allergenic.  The body cannot tell which is which and the risk of the body reacting to the substances is just as big.
We do not use Bismuth Oxychloride (CI 77163) in our products. This is a mineral powder which is used in many mineral makeup products which also might irritate the skin. It is not clear whether or not a reaction to this substance is caused by the substance itself or a general reaction to mineral makeup or maybe rather bad hygiene with the makeup brushes. The Informationcenter for Environment and Health only assesses a substance to be problematic if they have a lasting effect on people or environment, so a possible passing skin irritation is not included – we have, however, chosen not to take any chances and that is why you will not find Bismuth Oxychloride in our products.

Sadly there are many manufacturers who also use petrochemicals/mineral oils since they are cheap. But they can also block the skin and in some cases give red bumps and very irritated skin.
In makeup pigmentation and dye which for example provide the red, blue, and green colours is used. There are several dye substances that might be harmful to you. We have considered this in our makeup. We do not use the dangerous dye substances and the ones we do use, are used in amounts that do not stain the skin.

Parabenes have over time been used as a generic preservative. But they have been shown to be endocrine-disrupting, so a lot of them are now allowed in the EU. Some of them are not very harmful, but we are not taking any chances, so you will not find any parabenes in our products.
It is common to use silicone in foundations to get a nice texture. But silicone is blocking and in worst cases endocrine-disrupting, so it is best for you to avoid silicone, so you won’t find that either in our foundation.


Our ingredient lists are short and clear. We have chosen to translate our lists on our products: you will see that we translate the difficult words in a parenthesis right after so everybody can understand what the ingredient means. In general our makeup is made on caring ingridients such as castor bean oil, shea butter, abricot kernel oil, sunflower oil, olive oil and sweet almond oil. This has the effect that our products work together with the skin and provide a natural finish.